Chocolate Facial plus MassageDeep Cleansing Facial -  $40-$60  30 to 50 minutes  depends on extractions
For Normal to Dry/Oily skin type, focused on extractions   
A quick relaxing cleansing facial experience! The facial starts with skin analysis, cleansing with steam, gentle Enzyme peel, extractions, a serum infusion aromatherapy massage, follow by a special Organic formulated hydration mask (chocolate?  blueberry? cactus?). This delicious treatment will be sealed with cucumber eye cream, Cherry Shea butter lip balm treatment and SPF for protection to make sure that you can go a head and run in the sun  ;-)

Acne Seaweed Facial -  $90  50 minutes
For Oily Acne skin type Adult or Teen focused on 
Blue Light Acne Facial, Cleansing and Healingdeep pore cleansing, healing and reduce inflammation
Special consideration is given to properly prepare congested and inflamed skin conditions to ensure successful extractions. Process will be explained during the facial with the continuously of removing debris in a gentle and effective manner. Every precaution is taken to calm and soothe the skin after the extraction phase. Starts with cleansing steam, Enzyme/Sea weed mask for exfoliation, Deep pore cleansing, extractions, Clay Mask, ends with cold compress, a customized serums, eye cream, Lip balm and SPF.

*Microdermabrasion- $75 Face / $80 Neck & Chest / $50 Hands A "lunchtime facial" microdermabrasion procedure is non-surgical and virtually painless, it is a safe and highly effective way to restore a clear, youthful glow to the skin.The benefits of microdermabrasion also include enhanced circulation and lymph flow, which promote the internal health of the skin.

*Enzyme/Lactic Peel/Sea weed- $20 Face / $50 Neck & Chest / $30 Hands
Highly recommended when skin is tick/hard, oily, in Acne condition, sun/age spotted, hyperpigmanted, Discolorated or when intense extractions is needed, also boost collagen production, smooth out the complexion and promote healthy cell turnover, highly recommended and can be applied to neck, chest (decollate) area or hands for a total rejuvenation.
*Deep Pore Cleansing / Extractions $10-30
Say goodbye to Black or White heads, with a softening solution and few deep breaths your skin will turn smoother, cleaner with much smaller pores.